GAP Plus is an optional protection that helps bridge the gap between your car's value and what you owe on it. This coverage is especially useful if you made a small or no down payment on your auto loan, or if your loan term is longer than 48 months.

How it works:

If your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair and declared a total loss, your insurance will cover its replacement value. However, if your loan balance is higher than the settlement amount, you would typically be responsible for paying the difference out of pocket. This is where GAP Plus comes in. It acts as a safeguard, ensuring that you won't have to worry about covering the shortfall on your own.

GAP Plus also includes Deductible Assistance, which provides financial relief when your vehicle is damaged but not considered a total loss. If the cost of repairs is more than your deductible, the deductible amount is applied to your vehicle loan, reducing what you owe.

For example, let's say your original loan balance was $25,000, but on the date of the loss, it was $21,000. After the accident, your insurance settlement is $16,000, leaving you with an unpaid loan balance of $5,000. With GAP Plus, your loan balance would be reduced to $0. (This example is for illustration purposes only. Actual insurance settlements and GAP Plus benefits may vary.)


  • Available for loans up to 84 months.
  • No mileage restrictions.
  • If you have a total loss, and purchase a replacement vehicle financed through SchoolsFirst FCU, GAP Plus may cancel $1,000 of your new loan.
  • If you have an auto insurance claim that results in auto repairs that cost more than your deductible, you can cancel a portion of your loan equal to your deductible, up to $1,000.



Schedule a call with an insurance protection representative.

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GAP, which includes deductible assistance, is not insurance; it is an optional debt cancellation product.  GAP will not affect your application for credit or the terms of any credit agreement you have with us. Certain eligibility requirements, conditions and exclusions may apply. You will receive the contract before you are required to pay for GAP. You should carefully read the contract for a full explanation of the terms.  If you choose GAP, adding the GAP Fee to the amount financed under your contract will increase the cost of GAP. You may cancel GAP at any time. If you cancel GAP within 90 days you will receive a full refund of any fee paid. Prices of the refundable and non-refundable products are likely to differ. If you purchase a refundable product, you may cancel at any time during the loan and receive a refund of the unearned fee. 


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