Working With an Independent Insurance Agent

August 03, 2023

It sounds easy. Make a quick phone call, save thousands a year on insurance. But to get the right coverage for your specific situation, you need to look beyond low annual premiums. While you might find cheaper policies, they may not adequately protect your property or assets. There's a better way to save money on insurance.

An independent agent, or broker, will rarely provide you with an instant quote. They typically take the time to understand your circumstances before recommending auto, home, renters, or life insurance coverage. They can also match your unique needs and budget with policies that support your financial goals.

Here are four reasons to work with an independent insurance agent:

You'll save time. Instead of spending hours seeking quotes from multiple insurance companies, an independent agent can do the heavy lifting. Most have access to more companies than you have the patience to call. They already know about various insurance products and the providers that offer them.

Insurance agents are licensed experts. Searching online for insurance coverage might yield low insurance quotes, but you'll need more than that to ensure your assets and loved ones are protected. Unless you understand how policy limits and exclusions might affect your coverage, selecting a policy on your own could cost you.

They can help identify holes in your coverage. You can select special insurance products that might further reduce financial risk, such as Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance (GAP) and Valuable Personal Property Insurance (VPP). GAP Insurance covers the difference between your outstanding auto loan balance and the settlement provided by your auto insurance carrier if your vehicle is stolen or is a total loss due to an accident.

Suppose you own specialty items valued at $100 or more. In that case, Valuable VPP Insurance might be worth considering as a supplement to your standard homeowners or renters policy. Jewelry, musical instruments and guns are typical items covered with a VPP policy. A qualified agent can help you decide if a GAP or VPP policy makes sense for your finances by assessing your risk and current insurance coverage.

They will advocate on your behalf at every life stage. A car accident, roof damage, or stolen property can be costly. An independent insurance agent can help you report the incident, file a claim, and even connect you with local service providers who can help with repairs. Agents will also help resolve billing issues and answer policy-related questions year-round.

Your insurance needs will change as you age. For example, a new home, baby, or business might require changes to current policies or the addition of new ones. An independent agent can offer personalized insurance guidance at each of life's milestones.

Help When You Need It

Selecting insurance policies based on price alone can be costly when a claim occurs. Save time and money when you let SchoolsFirst FCU Insurance Services research discounts and coverage options based on your specific situation.


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