Send Money with Zelle®

We have partnered with Zelle, a great way for Members to send money to almost any U.S. financial institution account using the recipient's email address or U.S. mobile phone number.

General Zelle FAQs

Q: What is Zelle?

A: Zelle is a great way for Members to send money directly between almost any U.S. financial institution accounts — typically within minutes.1 With just an email address or U.S. mobile phone number, Members will be able to quickly, safely, and easily send money to non-Members — regardless of where they bank.2

Q: Why did we choose to partner with Zelle?

A: Zelle allows our Members to send money within minutes,1 allowing Members the convenience of quickly sending money to non-Members in a variety of scenarios — from urgent expenses, to rent payments, or even to split the cost of dinner.3

Q: Does this replace Member-to-Member Transfers?

A: No. Please use Zelle only when sending to or receiving money from non-Members.

Q: Will all Members be eligible to use Zelle?

A: No. Members are eligible to use Zelle if they are in good standing, at least 18 years of age, and have a checking account.

Q: Will a joint signer on my account be able to use Zelle in their name?

A: No. Zelle will link to the Primary Member's name, email address, or U.S. mobile phone number only.

Q: Is there a fee for me to use this service?

A: No, SchoolsFirst FCU will not charge you any fees to use Zelle. (Messaging and data rates may apply on certain mobile devices.)

Q: Will I be able to use this service in both Online and Mobile Banking?

A: Currently it is only available in our Mobile Banking app.

Q: Will I need to download a Zelle app to send money?

A: No. Zelle is integrated into our SchoolsFirst FCU Mobile Banking app.

Getting Started

Q: How do I get started?

A: It's easy — Zelle is already available within our Mobile Banking app. Enroll with Zelle through our Mobile Banking app in just a few simple steps. After logging in, tap "TRANSFER" at the bottom of your screen. Select "SEND MONEY WITH ZELLE®" near the top of your screen and accept the terms and conditions.

Q: Can I start sending money right away?

A: You can send it as soon as you enroll, but to ensure your first payment and all subsequent payments can be sent within minutes, ask your recipient to enroll with Zelle before you send them money. This will save them some time, and they will be able to receive your payment typically in minutes.1

Q: What if I already enrolled with Zelle for an account at my other financial institution, and used the same U.S. mobile phone number or email address I have on file with SchoolsFirst FCU?

A: You can enroll with Zelle at multiple financial institutions, but a different U.S. mobile phone number or email address must be used for each one to receive money. Your email address or U.S. mobile phone number can only be enrolled with Zelle for one financial institution at a time.

Q: I already enrolled my U.S. mobile number/email address with Zelle at another financial institution or with the Zelle app, but I want to use my SchoolsFirst FCU account for Zelle payments instead. How do I move my mobile number/email address?

A: You can move your information using our Mobile Banking app, or you may call us at (800) 462-8328 and we will help you move your U.S. mobile phone number/email address to use Zelle with your SchoolsFirst FCU account.

Q: Do I have to use the email address/U.S. mobile numbers associated with my SchoolsFirst FCU Membership to send and receive money through Zelle?

A: The email address and U.S. mobile phone number on file will automatically link with Zelle unless they have already been used with another Zelle enrollment at another financial institution. If you do not want to use this information with Zelle, do not verify your email address and/or U.S. mobile phone number. You will need to verify at least one U.S. mobile phone number or one email address to send and receive money. You always have the option to add an email and/or U.S. mobile phone number.

Q: Someone sent me money with Zelle, how do I receive it?

A: If you have already enrolled with Zelle, you do not need to take any further action. The money will move directly into your SchoolsFirst FCU account, typically within minutes.1If you have not yet enrolled with Zelle, follow these steps:

  • Click on the link provided in the payment notification you received via email or text message.
  • Select SchoolsFirst FCU.
  • Follow the instructions provided on the page to enroll and receive your payment. Pay attention to the email address or U.S. mobile phone number where you received the payment notification — you should enroll with Zelle using that email address or U.S. mobile phone number to ensure you receive your money.

Q: Does the person I'm sending money to need to enroll with Zelle?

A: Yes. If you send money to a recipient who is not already a Zelle user, they will need to enroll to receive the money you sent them.

Using Zelle

Q: What types of payments can I send using Zelle? Can I use Zelle to buy or sell merchandise?

A: Zelle is designed for payments between friends and people who know and trust one another. Please do not use Zelle to transact with people you don't know, especially if the payment involves the purchase or sale of goods. Please treat Zelle's payments like cash.

Neither SchoolsFirst FCU nor Zelle offers a protection program for authorized payments made with Zelle — for example, if you do not receive the item you paid for, or the item is not as described or as you expected, SchoolsFirst FCU or Zelle are unable to issue a refund.

Q: Can you give me some examples of how I should be using Zelle?

A: Of course! Pay your friend for babysitting. Split the cost of lunch with your friends. Ask your sister to pay you back for that sweater she ruined. Send money to your college kid for books. Pay your carpool buddy for gas. The possibilities are endless!

Zelle is a convenient way to pay friends, family, and others you trust. It is not intended to be used to purchase items, concert tickets, services, etc. from people you do not know.

Q: How do I access my contacts and have a recipient list as Zelle Ready Contacts?

A: Zelle allows access to your contacts to add either a single contact or an entire contact list. Contacts who are already enrolled in Zelle appear as Zelle Ready Contacts. Follow your iOS or Android prompts to allow access to your mobile's contact list.

Q: How long will it take for the money I send to reach the recipient?

A: Money sent with Zelle is typically available to an enrolled recipient within minutes.1

If you send money to someone who isn't enrolled with Zelle, they will receive a notification prompting them to enroll. After enrollment, the money will move directly to your recipient's account, typically within minutes.1

If your payment is pending, we recommend confirming that the person you sent money to has enrolled with Zelle and that you entered the correct email address or U.S. mobile phone number.

If you're waiting to receive money, you should check to see if you've received a payment notification via email or text message. If you haven't received a payment notification, we recommend following up with the sender to confirm they entered the correct email address or U.S. mobile phone number.

Q: Is my information safe?

A: When sending money with Zelle in the SchoolsFirst FCU Mobile Banking app, your account is protected with all of the same security standards our Mobile Banking app offers. In addition, you'll be sending and receiving money without sharing your sensitive account information with other people.

Q: How will the person I send money to be notified?

A: The recipient receives a notification via text or email. If they aren't already an enrolled user, the notification will include instructions on how to enroll with Zelle.

Q: Can Zelle be used to send money internationally?

A: To use Zelle, the recipient must be able to receive money into a U.S. financial institution account.

Q: Are there limits to sending money?

A: Yes. When using sending money through the SchoolsFirst FCU Mobile Banking app:

  • Daily Zelle limits ("typically in minutes1"): $3,000
  • Daily non-Zelle Standard speed (2-3 days): $500
  • Monthly sending limits: $6,000 or 30 payments, whichever is reached first.

Sending limits will reset on a rolling 30-day period, which means that a transaction counts against your limit for exactly 30 days from the time of authorization.

If you send a $100 payment on July 5, that payment no longer counts against your monthly sending limit beginning August 4.

If you send a $100 payment on October 1, that payment amount will not count against your sending limit beginning October 31, because the sending limits reset every 30 days.

Q: Is there a minimum amount to send?

A: Yes, there is a $5 minimum per payment sent, requested, or split. There is no minimum to receive payments.

Q: Is there a limit to how many payments I can receive from other Zelle users?

A: There is no limit to how many payments a Member can receive.

Q: Can I use Zelle to send money to other SchoolsFirst FCU Members?

A: To send money to another SchoolsFirst FCU Member, please continue to use the Member-to-Member transfer feature in Online and Mobile Banking. The intention of Zelle is for sending money to an account at an outside financial institution and has daily and monthly sending limits. Member-to-Member transfers do not have those same limits.

Q: Can I set up recurring payments?

A: Yes. Our Members can schedule payments to be sent monthly, bimonthly, weekly, or biweekly through the SchoolsFirst FCU Mobile Banking app.

Q: Will my overdraft protection options apply?

A: To send money using Zelle through our Mobile Banking app, your account must have sufficient funds to cover the total amount. 

Q: When I send money, what information will the recipient be able to see?

A: The recipient will be able to see your first and last name, the amount you sent them, and a note if you entered one.

Q: Can I cancel a payment?

A: You can only cancel a payment if the recipient hasn't enrolled. If the payment is still pending, you can go to your activity page, choose the payment you want to cancel, and then select “Cancel This Payment.” If your recipient has already enrolled with Zelle, the money is sent directly to your recipient's account and cannot be canceled.

Q: What if I send money to the wrong recipient?

A: If you send money to the wrong recipient, we recommend contacting the recipient and requesting the money back. If you are unable to get your money back, please contact us at (800) 462-8328.

Q: Am I able to reject a payment request?

A: Yes. You can ignore or reject any payment or split request.

Q: Can I pay a small business with Zelle?

A: Some small businesses can receive payments with Zelle. Ask your favorite small business if they accept payments with Zelle. If they do, you can pay them directly from your mobile app using just their email address or U.S. mobile phone number.

Neither SchoolsFirst FCU nor Zelle offers a protection program for authorized payments made with Zelle, so you should only send money to people (and small businesses) you trust. Also, ensure you have used the correct email address or U.S. mobile phone number when sending money.


Zelle® and the Zelle® related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

  1. Transactions typically occur in minutes when the recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number is already enrolled with Zelle.
  2. Must have a bank account in the U.S. to use Zelle.
  3. To send payment requests or split payment requests to a U.S. mobile phone number, the mobile phone number must already be enrolled with Zelle.