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Elizabeth Rode, Instructional Aide Member since 2003

“I believe in value, service, integrity and kindness—I get all four of those every day at SchoolsFirst FCU.”

- Elizabeth Rode, Instructional Aide
Member since 2003 

About SchoolsFirst FCU
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Calculator Index

See what it will take to pay off your credit card balance and what you can change to meet your financial goals.

Calculate your anticipated balance and taxable saving by contributing to a Roth IRA.

Understand the effects of transferring a Traditional IRA into a Roth IRA.

Which IRA is right for you? Input your age, income and anticipated age of retirement to calculate the estimated totals available with each option.

Determine how much you can save with your tax-deferred retirement plan. Input different contributions to see how much you should set aside to reach your retirement goals.
403(b) plans are available for employees of select non-profit tax-exempt organizations including colleges, universities, schools and hospitals.

Determine how much you can save with your tax-deferred retirement plan. Input different contributions to see how much you should set aside to reach your retirement goals.
457 (deferred compensation) plans are available to select governmental and school employees. 

See how increasing your contributions to your 401k, 403b or 457 plan can affect your paycheck and your retirement.

Determine how much monthly income your retirement savings could provide you in your retirement.

Determine how much it takes to create a secure retirement.

Create your retirement plan. View your retirement savings balance and your withdrawals for each year until the end of your retirement to quickly determine if you retirement plan is on track – or needs some help.

Determine what your monthly auto loan payment could be based on different loan terms and down payment amounts.

Did you know you could finance your auto purchase with a home equity loan? See which loan option is better for your finances.

Calculate your monthly payment schedule based on your current loan and interest rate. Or determine your desired loan amount based on how much you can afford to pay off each month.

Determine what your adjustable mortgage payments could be.

Determine which mortgage loan term is right for you.

Generate an amortization schedule for your current mortgage. Quickly see how much interest you could pay and your estimated principal balances.

Learn how much you can save by increasing your monthly mortgage payment.

Paying points when you close your mortgage can reduce its interest rate, in turn reducing your monthly payment. But each "point" costs you 1% of your mortgage balance. Determine if you should pay for points, or use the money to increase your down payment.

Determine how much you may qualify to borrow toward your dream home.

Thinking about refinancing your home? Identify how long it will take to breakeven on a mortgage refinance.

Determine how much you need to save in order to reach your college savings goal for your children.

What will it take to reach your savings goal? This financial calculator helps you find out.

Determine how much interest you can earn on your Certificate of Deposit.

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