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SchoolsFirst FCU Home360℠
SchoolsFirst FCU Home360℠

SchoolsFirst FCU Home360℠ pairs you with an experienced SchoolsFirst FCU loan consultant and participating real estate agent who will guide you through every step of buying your home. 

Your loan consultant will answer questions about financing, find a loan that's right for you, and help you get pre-qualified.

We'll then introduce you to a local real estate agent who will help you find the perfect place that fits your budget. If you have a home to sell, they'll help you get it ready, listed and sold. 

Exclusive benefits:

  • 20% rebate from the commission of a participating agent who helps you buy your home.1
  • Discounted 1.5 listing fee to a participating agent who represents you in the sale of your home.2
  • 20% discount on escrow services when you use a partner escrow company — with free signing services at your home or office.3
  • My Home Savings helps you earn more dividends on the money you save for a down payment. Save up to $50,000 and choose a term that works for your home-buying timeline.4


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 Savings Examples

Buying a Home

Purchase Price $700,000
Typical Agent's Commission (3%) $21,000
Your 20% Rebate $4,200


Selling a Home

Sale Price $700,000
Typical Agent's Commission (3%) $21,000
Program Agent's Commission (1.5%) $10,500
Your Savings $10,500


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ext. 8288
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.



Enroll online with First Team Real Estate

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All loans subject to approval. Programs subject to change.

1Rebate payment is made by First Team Real Estate or HomeSmart Evergreen Realty. Rebate is credited to your benefit at the close of transaction, and will be lowered by any reductions to the commissions paid to the participating agent in a concurrent purchase and sale of a home. Commission will vary. To be eligible for the 20% rebate, Member must complete the transaction with the agent assigned by SchoolsFirst FCU Home360℠. Using SchoolsFirst FCU for a mortgage loan is not a requirement to earn the rebate. Purchase price must be greater than $150,000 after all credit adjustments. All rebates are subject to limitations, lender guidelines, and other requirements. Certain properties may not be eligible for rebates. Rebate is 20% for purchase only of a residential property in California. Please consult a qualified tax professional for advice on tax implications from receiving a rebate. First Team Real Estate and HomeSmart Evergreen Realty are not affiliated with SchoolsFirst FCU.

2Discounted 1.5% listing fee is for a residential property sale in California when the home is sold and closes escrow. Excludes commission owed to buyer’s agent (up to 3%). Sales price must be greater than $150,000.

3Escrow services discount and free signing services available only on an escrow serviced by Hallmark Escrow Co., Inc., Next Level Escrow, Coast Cities Escrow, or Escrow Options Group, Inc. (collectively, the “escrow companies”). On-time closing guaranty will be paid by the escrow companies at the close of transaction. The escrow companies are not affiliated with SchoolsFirst FCU. Check with the seller of the property regarding selection of the escrow company.

4Variable rate, subject to change daily at our discretion. Limited to existing Members who are participating in SchoolsFirst FCU Home360℠; limit one per Membership. No early withdrawal penalty if full balance is used for home purchase. Partial withdrawals or withdrawals not used for home purchase are subject to an early withdrawal fee of $10, and closure of the share. Minimum deposit amount is $250. Additional deposits allowed to the maximum balance of $50,000. Certificate terms are available for 6, 12, or 24 months. See SchoolsFirst FCU’s Disclosure & Agreement of Terms and Conditions brochure for additional details about Share Savings Accounts.

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