Thereís never been a better time to Switch To SchoolsFirst FCU.
Switching is fast and easy!
1. First, youíll need a SchoolsFirst FCU Membership or if you are already a Member you may go to Step 2
Becoming a Member of SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union is a snap. You may either call us at 800.540.4546 or simply click here.
2. Set up Direct Deposit
To deposit funds in your new SchoolsFirst FCU account, you can transfer money one-time or set up a recurring transfer of money from another financial institution. To start this transfer process, click here.

You may have your paycheck deposited into your SchoolsFirst FCU account. If your employer offers payroll deposit, give them your new SchoolsFirst FCU account number and our routing number which is 3222-8200-1. If you would like to create a personalized payroll deposit form or letter of instruction to take to your payroll specialist at your job you can do so by logging into Online Banking and choosing Tools/Switch Your Account/Setup payroll deposit
3. Set up Automatic Payments & Withdrawals
Once your account is established you can use our free Bill Payment service to pay your bills online. To see how easy bill payment is, click here.

To set up automatic payments from your SchoolsFirst FCU account, (such as gym membership fees or insurance payments) you will need to provide merchants with your new SchoolsFirst FCU account number and our routing number,
3222-8200-1. Some merchants may allow you to update your automatic withdrawals online through the merchant's Web site, but some merchants require a phone call or written notice.

For your convenience, you can obtain an Automatic Withdrawal Transfer form here. Print out a blank form or you can log on to Online Banking to have it pre-filled with your information. Donít forget to sign and date the form before you mail it to the merchant.
Donít Forget!
Be sure to check your account at your previous financial institution to verify that the transfers are complete.
Donít forget to keep enough funds in your former account to cover any outstanding checks or withdrawals.
Once your last check and/or automatic withdrawal has cleared, you are ready to close your former account and make SchoolsFirst FCU your home for all your financial transactions.

Please note: You must have Adobe Acrobat 5 or higher installed on your computer to read and print these forms.